FTM 91: Risk Management

Fastener Training Minute 91: Risk Management

This edition of the Fastener Training Minute with Carmen Vertullo was originally published March 15, 2015 as “Risk Management” during episode 91 of Fully Threaded Radio.

This is Carmen Vertullo from the Fastener Training Institute bringing you the Fastener Training Minute and I want to talk to you about a very important thing for fastener suppliers. And that’s risk management.

As you know, the product that we sell, use, and manufacture gets used in a lot of applications where if it doesn’t work right, things can go dramatically wrong. So we need to make sure everything we do is done correctly and our product is reliable. Some interesting changes are coming up in the quality management world, especially around ISO 9001, if that’s your quality management system, that you should know about from a risk management perspective. And as well, we’re going to be talking about this at the Pac West Conference in April in Long Beach. So I hope you’ll attend that and get some more detail to come back and listen this more and I’ll tell you what’s going on with ISO 9001:2015 and why it matters to you.

It turns out that every now and then the folks that run ISO 9001 decide it’s time for a change and if you have a ISO 9001 quality management system, you’re used to that. So the new version is 9001:2015. It is about hit the streets, and one of the big changes has to do with risk management. If you have a quality management system, you’re probably familiar with the terms “preventive action”, “corrective action”, and “continuous improvement” and so on. But believe it or not, that terminology will more or less go away when we go to ISO 9001:2015 and we’re going to focus on risk management, risk planning, and risk mitigation.

Now aside from the fact that it’s going to require us to make some changes in our documentation for to a mess, I think this is a good thing for the fastener industry because it’s good for us to think about our products from a risk planning and mitigation point of view. I think it’s going to be good for those who manufacture products, those who use them, and those who sell them. So look forward to some interesting and New Perspectives on how your quality management system helps you deal with risk management and be sure and attend to Pac-West conference in Long Beach in April this year and will be speaking more about risk management as it relates to Fastener suppliers. Thanks for listening. This is Carmen Vertullo with Carver Consulting and the Fastener Training Institute and this has been the Fastener Training Minute.

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