Episode 167 of Fully Threaded is live!

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Fully Threaded Radio episode 167 “Pass the Chips” was published August 12, 2021.

Fastener industry legend and chip shot artist Mr. Robbie Gilchrist describes current market conditions, the future of the rep business, and how the NFDA found its way (18:28/1:30:25).

AIM Testing Labs partner Rob LaPointe explains how hydrogen embrittlement is like an M&M (42:29).

On the Fastener News Report, Fastener Technology International managing editor Mike McNulty hosts S.W. Anderson Company senior manager Jim Costello to unpack the latest mixed FDI numbers (53:28).

Carmen Vertullo explains that blind rivets have a wider range of applications than you might think on the Fastener Training Minute (1:21:06).

PLUS: Todd McRoberts has a new cold heading home! Connoisseurs of both snack foods and liberty, Brian and Eric note examples of the stifling results of bureaucratic overreach.

Run time: 02:17:11

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