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Fully Threaded Radio episode 157 “One More Rep” was published October 18, 2020.

The screw biz rebounded sooner than expected, but the customer meeting game still has a long way to go.

Veteran sales pro Jackie “Kind of a Big Deal” Ventura guest-hosts a timely segment that details the current picture, as she welcomes fellow rep John “Cowboy” Wachman, and Christian Reich of Goebel Fasteners (1:25:17).

The Industrial Distribution “Big 50 List” just hit the street, managing editor Mike Hockett has the story (21:45).

On the Fastener News Report, industry newsman Mike McNulty talks with Solution Industries senior manager, the indefatigable Frank “Balboa” DeVito to unpack the latest FDI results (52:58).

Thread stick-out is the topic of the minute,  The Fastener Training Minute with Carmen Vertullo (1:18:29).

PLUS:  IFE manager Morgan Wilson has the names of this year’s Hall of Fame inductees in his hand!  Will he divulge the winners during the podcast (42:38)?

Brian and Eric can’t decide if they hate Amazon more because it’s taking over the world, or because their packages have started taking longer to arrive.

Run time: 02:08:01

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