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Fully Threaded Radio episode 155 “Out-of-Synchness” was published August 15, 2020.

Things don’t seem to fit together they way they once did, but an otherwise ripe market always seems out of whack to the inattentive.

So when the circumspect Mr. Andy Cohn, of Duncan Bolt, joins news editor Mike McNulty to discuss the startling FDI results on the Fastener News Report, the ensuing conversation expands into a predominantly fastener-related discussion that fastener distributors should heed (45:07).

The PPE space has become a topic of interest for many industrial distributors, but it’s not a good match for every company, as safety veterans Neil Sexton and Michael Stewart of Northern Safety and Industrial explain (1:39:12).

On the other hand, more companies are finding that online meetings provide a direct path to more effective sales, as “Cool Hand” John Butler of The Olander Company will attest (15:37).

During the Fastener Training MinuteCarmen Vertullo provides System 22 thread inspection guidance that maps perfectly to a listener’s query (1:27:12).

Also: IFE manager Morgan Wilson addresses show cancellation questions.

To round out the non sequitur festival, Brian wants to roll out his old English sports car, while Eric imagines rolling out a barrel.

Run time: 02:19:55

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