How Reshoring Impacts the Fastener Industry

Building mfg jobs in US

As the U.S. continues the battle against COVID-19, much has been made about the country’s over-reliance on personal protective equipment, medicine and other medical products manufactured abroad.

During the April 2020 edition of Fully Threaded Radio – the voice of – Harry Moser from the Reshoring Initiative drew a parallel between the lack of available COVID-fighting medical products in the U.S. with the status of the U.S. fastener supply: How much longer can U.S. manufacturing overly rely on essential fasteners made abroad?

Moser said bringing jobs in fastener manufacturing back to the U.S. would have an obvious impact on the fastener industry.  And, a significant impact of reshoring on the fastener industry is even more direct: re-shoring manufacturing jobs creates a bigger market in the U.S. for fasteners.

The Reshoring Initiative offers free online tools that promote reshoring and help businesses improve their bottom lines and support the economy:

1) Total Cost of Ownership Estimator — helps companies, suppliers and distributors account for all relevant factors beyond ExW that should be considered when sourcing

2) Import Substitution Program –  helps manufacturers convince companies to buy domestically

For fastener distributors who may be re-evaluating sourcing decisions – or who may have customers in manufacturing looking for domestic sourcing alternatives —  these free tools are available at

The Reshoring Initiative was founded ten years ago by Moser with a straightforward goal – to bring 5 million manufacturing jobs back to the US.

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