Episode 150 of Fully Threaded Radio is LIVE!

Fully Threaded Radio Episode 150 “Quarantined” was published March 19, 2020.

The fastener industry was interviewed at the precipice of dramatic upheaval during the recent Pac-West/NFDA joint conference.

None could have foreseen what was actually soon to unfold at the time FTR placed its microphone in front of industry fixtures Frank DeVitoHeidi VolltrauerJun XuDoug Ruggles, John “Cool Hand” ButlerJim HowardHans Fuller, Tracey Lumia, Jake Davis and many more (41:15).

Würth Eastern Region VP Eric Wilk explains a key benefit of growth by acquisition (20:44).

Distribution visionary Ian Heller coaches Earnest Machine president Kirk Zehnder in the quest to defend against online marketplaces (1:38:38).

On the Fastener News ReportMike McNulty wonders aloud how much to value the surging FDI numbers given current conditions (1:22:40).

And guru Carmen Vertullo explains thread crest basics during the Fastener Training Minute (1:33:59).

Brian admits he may have a sanitation issue on the horizon, and Eric stumbles upon a milestone. Run time: 02:37:53

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