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Fully Threaded Radio episode 165 “Diversions” was published June 19, 2021.

Sales activity continues to boom, along with supply chain headaches, so naturally INxSQL founder Bob Reynolds and the uncancelable Joe Truckey of Cal Fasteners turn their thoughts to summer golf (1:41:19).

In pursuit of another kind of diversion, EFC International sales manager Paul Musgrove offers pro tips for better BBQ (23:21).

Industry editor Mike McNulty welcomes Optimas CEO Marc Strandquist, as they mostly stay on the topic of the latest amazing FDI results during the Fastener News Report (56:03).

On the Fastener Training Minute, Carmen Vertullo explains grades of socket products (1:32:09).

Upcoming fastener show and event round up. Also, why you should stock up on wing nuts now.

Wondering about their booth space, Brian and Eric shadow box an uncertain future as they wander the fastener land. Close theme: GD 7/24/87

Run time: 02:29:12

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