Top 3 Tips for FCH Inventory Listing Success

To increase the number of sales inquires from your FCH listings, follow the lead of top performing network members. Here are a few strategies they have in common.

1. List as Much Inventory as Possible

Thousands of searches per week take place on FCH Sourcing Network and on any given day there can be over 1.6 million listings. Up your odds of receiving clicks by increasing the number and variety you list.

Many members begin by uploading a few hundred odd-lot items before expanding with their entire catalog.

“We list more than 20 thousand lines with FCH and receive inquires all the time,” says Robert Wasner of American Imperial Screw, based in New York. “And by all the time, I mean on a daily basis. So for us it’s been most effective to list as much as we can, a blend of our primary inventory and slow movers.”

2. Refresh Listings Often

It pays to refresh inventory often because search results display with preference to newer listings. This means newer listings place higher in search results, which tend to generate more clicks.

Updating inventory listings regularly has the added benefit of keeping the network current, which is good for all users.

John Butler of The Olander Company says, “What’s great about FCH is it makes updating your inventory easy, so we do it often.” He adds with a grin, “and I don’t necessarily advise our competitors to do this, but it works well for us.”

3. Guaranteed Top Search Rankings Program

Listings that appear near the top of the first page of search results get the most clicks. Lock in premium placement for your listings for the fastener categories you care about most. Add even more punch by adding your banner ads whenever users search for your preferred products.

The Preferred Search Result Placement Program provides the chance to raise your visibility where it matters most. Quarterly packages are available for individual categories or bundles. Contact FCH to reserve yours.

In addition to these click-boosting ideas, the FCH team is always glad to offer suggestions on formatting your inventory data to improve searchability. Call any time for a complimentary review. Building in as many of these strategies as possible is the fastest way to maximize your success with FCH.

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